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"Shima-chaaaan!~ Come and get me!~" The two girls were playing tag in the giant library, laughing and screaming. They were alone in Shima's giant house, and they loved playing tag in the library. It was like an endless maze of bookshelves.
"Look out Rena! I'm gonna get you!" Shima ran through the library, looking behind shelves and under tables for her friend. She made sure not to knock anything over, even though she knew her dad wouldn't care.
"You'll never catch me Shima! I'll bet you can't even find me!"
"I'll find you alright, ya little sneak! I'm closer than you think I am!" Shima yelled as she popped up behind Rena.
"Kyaah!" Rena shrieked when Shima tagged her. She turned around but Shima had already run off again. "I'll get you for that!" Rena ran through the library chasing after Shima.
Shima turned around to see if Rena was behind her. Instead of Rena, she saw a strange tall figure. "Who are you? And how did you get in here?"
The figure stepped toward Shima. Rena came around the corner and saw the stranger. She ran to Shima's side and grabbed her hand.
The strange figure spoke. "My name is Lady Ink. I am one of the guardians of the Book of Stories and I need your help Shima. I believe that you may be able to help my in my dilemma. You see, the Book of Stories is unwriting itself. This can have detrimental effects on logic and reality as we all know it. I want you to go into the Book and see if you can do anything to stop it. I can transport you into the Book of Stories, and I can give you a Construct to help you in your journey. Will you help?"
"Hold on! Who do you think you are, just appearing out of nowhere in Shima's library and springing this story on her? Why should we believe anything you say?" Rena shouted at Lady Ink, trying to protect Shima.
"Considering I just appeared out of nowhere, would it not be logical to assume that I have a certain amount of power, and that I would not use it just to tell stories to children?" Lady Ink responded coldly.
"She does have a point the Rena. Calm down. I don't think she's going to hurt me." Rena did calm down. "Maybe we should just do what she wants. It sounds like it could be an interesting way to spend our summer, don't you think?" Shima continued on cheerfully.
"Hold on. I only said I need Shima to go. I didn't say anything about Rena going as well."
"Wherever Shima goes, I'm going with her!" Rena responded back. "It's NOT optional!"
"Rena, calm down. You're being rude again."
"The hell if I'm being rude! She's trying to send you off alone into some strange book-world. How d'you think I'm gonna take it?"
"Alright, alright. Lady Ink, would it really disturb your plan so much if there was one extra helper?"
"I suppose it wouldn't be so much trouble. I really believe Shima can be of some use, and if I must send Rena as well then so be it. Now, I can give you a Construct to help you on your journey..."
"We don't have to accept your gifts too, do we? Just send us wherever we have to go and we'll deal with it from there!"
"Rena. You're being rude again..."
"This girl is trying my patience. Well, off you go then. And... good luck." Lady Ink created a portal for the two girls to go through and they disappeared into an unknown territory. As soon as the girls were gone from this world, so was Lady Ink, and the library was as quiet as it had ever been before Shima was born.
I am not allowed to say this fails.

The story part of my audition for TBOS-OCT. I hope I did okay with Lady Ink....

I can't think of anything else to say. XD
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hardcore-introvert Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:dummy: Have you submitted it yet?!

And no, you're no allowed >:3
SakuraSwan Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
Now I submitted 'em!
SakuraSwan Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
No, I'm gonna submit them all together and I have to finish Rena's first.

Not saying it fails. =D Dun hurt me...
hardcore-introvert Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't worry, I won't :hug:
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